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Kranjska Gora is a place full of life, a town where there is always something to do. Our range of special offers is regularly adapted to the seasons, events and, most importantly, to your wants and needs. Check out our current special offers and experience Kranjska Gora in a one-of-a-kind way!

28. 03. - 25. 11. 2022

Spring Refreshment

Spring is the season when Kranjska Gora turns into a green paradise.

From €172.00

28. 03. - 25. 11. 2022

Kekec's Adventures

For families

The boy called Kekec is the most popular Slovenian fictional character and hero known to children and adults from books and films.

From €312.00

02. 01. 2021 - 30. 12. 2022

The Casino Package Deal

A world of adrenaline and fun

From €280.00