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Trip advisor

Trip advisor

Ramada Resort Ramada Hotel & Suites Hotel Spik Hotel Kompas Alpina Hotel Vitranc Apartmaji


Kompas Hotel

The largest hotel in Kranjska Gora – very close to the centre

Ramada Resort Kranjska Gora

Best ski hotel in Slovenia

Ramada Hotel & Suites Kranjska Gora

Located in the town centre and very close to the ski slope - Ramada Hotel & Suites

Vitranc Apartments

Vitranc Apartments - bed with a view of the ski slope

Ramada Resort Kranjska Gora

Meetings with a view

Kompas Hotel

Congress tourism with tradition

Kompas Relaxation Centre

The centre for perfect relaxation and regeneration of harmony between the body and mind.

For everyone who likes to relax in a more intimate environment.

Deep breathing relaxes and strengthens the immune system.

Let the rays of sun gently caress you on the terrace of the swimming pool.


Take a swim in the indoor pool and have fun with your children in the kid's pool with a water slide.

Rest your mind in the massage pool.

We suggest taking a break in the resting room and visiting the outer sunny terrace.

Opening hours: From 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Relaxation the Kompas way

Relaxation the Kompas way



For sauna lovers we offer two Finnish saunas with hot and dry air, 

infra-red sauna, that has a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system, 

and a Turkish sauna with a temperature of 45 ° C and 100 % humidity. 

Increased effect with crystal- and chromo-therapy.

Open your pores and clear your respiratory system in the Turkish steam bath. 

Restore your inner balance in our saunas.

Opening hours



Visits to the Kompas Relaxation Centre must be booked in advance on +386 4 589 20 86.

If you are not able to arrive on the booked date, please let us know at least 12 hours prior to the date set for your arrival.



Head, neck and shoulder massage (15') 18 €
Face and neck massage (20') 23 €
Face, neck and palm massage (30') 33 €
Classic – Swedish Massage (30') 30 €
Therapeutic Back Massage (30') 34 €
Classic Back Massage (20') 25 €
Foot massage - reflexology (40') 37 €
Massage for Recreational Enthusiasts (40') 40 €


Massage with Warm Pine and Lavender Oil (50') 45 €
LUX Massage – the secret elixir of youth (60') 60 €
Anti-Stress Massage (50') 45 €
Hot Shells Massage with Coconut Oil (60') 53 €
GOLD 24K Massage (50')   55 €



From Monday to Friday          

Adults (All-day) 9 €
Children (3-12 years old) (All-day) 6 €

Saturday, Sunday, Holidays    

Adults (All-day) 11 €
Children (3-12 years old) (All-day) 8 €
Monthly Swim Pass – Adults*             90 €
Monthly Swim Pass – Children* 60 €
Half-Year Swim Pass – Adults* 290 €
Annual Swim Pass – Adults* 390 €
Annual Swim Pass – Children* 260 €
Transferable Annual Pass 585 €
Monthly Swim Pass - for recreational swimming*** 60 €

* Photo required for the pass


valid for 1 daily entrance (max 1.5 h)



Family swim (2 adults with 2 or more children) – 20% discount on swim passes. 10% discount upon purchasing tickets for swim & lunch.

Upon purchasing a 10-visit swim pass you receive one for free. The discount does not apply to monthly, half-year or annual passes.

Students, seniors and disabled are entitled to 10% discount upon presenting a student card or any other document with the age notice.


from Monday to Friday           13 €
Saturday, Sunday, Holidays 15 €
Half-Year Pass* 450 €
Transferable Annual Pass 600 €


Monday - Friday (All-day) 19 €
Saturday, Sunday, holidays (All-day) 21 €
Annual ticket * 740 €
Transferable Annual Pass 1.200 €

* Photo required for the pass



Towel Rental 1,5 €
Bathrobe Rental 5 €
Swim Nappy 1,5 €



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